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walking on the beach at the edge of the atlantic, you stoop to pick up a small object washed ashore, a unique thing.

it's something you have never seen before, something very special, a leathery pouch with a wiry antenna at each corner.

you turn it in your hand and you wonder. what are you? where are you from? what brought you here?

you are holding, for the first time, the shell of a sharkegg.


the sharkegg is our symbol for the project in hand, a collection of the favourite finds of a designer couple on the search for the best for their projects around the world.

antonia and wolfgang ludes decided to share their finds with you.

as with the sharkegg you haven't seen before, you will be surprised that such fantastic things exist.


for the sharkegg, all is random; chance, tide and current, a mystery. a journey that shapes as it floats.

stay with us in the current to discover the very best of everything, a growing gallery of products, services and answers.

welcome to sharkegg. enjoy the journey with us.


antonia and wolfgang ludes